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Focusing on the construction or renovation of conference room lighting

-What lighting issues can Hubei Jinyan solve-



Poor lighting effect, poor color rendering, unclear shooting image, and black faces of characters



Incorrect color temperature, resulting in blue or red color on the screen



Flashing lights, excessive glare, and discomfort felt by the leader during the meeting



Unreasonable lighting design, large screen reflection, dazzling lighting, etc



Only stage lighting, poor shooting effect when opening a video conference room



Focusing on free design solutions for conference lighting

-Application Scenario-





Provide ultra high definition 4K conference room lighting system

-Provide a one-stop solution with complete supporting products-





Value Commitment: Take Every Project Delivery Quality Seriously

4 major commitments: using good standards to promise every user



Conduct on-site survey

Engineers conduct on-site measurements and provide professional solutions based on on-site conditions and user needs

Rest assured in the quotation

Reasonable quotation, no intermediaries, guaranteed low price, cost savings of over 30%

Professional design

Experienced designers with thousands of service cases. Provide light bitmap, system diagram, rendering, and lighting configuration diagram

Delivery guarantee

Free technical guidance, professional engineers provide installation, debugging, and training services, and deliver to meet project requirements



Lighting Cases



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  • FREE lighting design
  • FREE technology training
  • Three-year warranty