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What are the lighting requirements for the press conference hall and how can the lighting effect of the news studio be good?
Author: Origin: Navigate: Release Date:2023-10-21

With the development of the times, some television stations have increasingly high requirements for news studio lighting when producing news programs. Emphasizing the lighting layout of imaginative space is crucial in the lighting design of temporary news studios.

The user said that Wuhan Kema lighting is too professional, the effect is good, and the captured images have a high-definition and three-dimensional sense. The layout of KEMA Coma lighting is adjusted based on factors such as the size, shape, and height of the news studio, making the spatial feel of the news studio more three-dimensional. The quality of lighting arrangements in news studios will directly affect the overall effectiveness and image of television programs and hosts. The image of the host cannot be separated from the decoration of lighting, and television news programs cannot be separated from the design and layout of the background and lighting. Reasonable lighting can use different studio lighting fixtures to achieve the beauty of different characters' shapes.

Before recording, the host usually undergoes professional makeup and appropriate clothing to showcase a more dignified and generous television image. The reasonable lighting layout of the news studio serves as the finishing touch. If the lighting layout is incorrect, it not only fails to achieve the desired effect, but also damages the television image. Let's take a look at the lighting design and layout techniques of KEMA Coma Film and Television for news studios: 1. Background lighting design; 2. Character lighting design.

1、 When arranging the background light in the news studio, the light should be 0.6~0.8 meters away from the background, and its movement range can be determined based on the background content, and the light ratio also depends on the background. For example, some backgrounds come with their own light emitting elements, while others are designed with concave and convex shapes. Therefore, when arranging the background light, it is necessary to not only reflect the characteristics of the background but also consider the reasonable shadows generated by lighting photography, highlighting the beauty of the background. That is, first lay out the surface, then lay out the points, and then use line lighting to highlight the hierarchy of the scenery. At the same time, KEMA Coma Film and Television lighting should avoid or fix the excess light that shines on the announcer due to background light when designing lighting, otherwise it will affect the next step of character lighting arrangement.

2、 When arranging the lighting for the news studio, the brightness of the character light should be higher than the background light, and the ratio should be between 2:1 and 1.5:1 to avoid the background light dominating. Some studios turn on all the lights in the recording area when recording news, almost all of them are on, without any distinction of importance or focus. Moreover, the lighting arrangement of the news studio makes it appear that once the indoor light is projected onto the announcer, it will produce shadows in strips. In addition, there are too many light sources, forming different light points in the host's eyes. This way of shooting the scene, the host's eyes are lifeless, and the shooting of the program image is not contagious. This type of lighting belongs to the symmetrical lighting method, but it is not advisable when used in studios. In the lighting of news studios, KEMA Coma Film and Television adjusts the light ratio based on the host's eyes, nose, chin, and face to achieve a perfect brightness and darkness, in order to capture high-quality television images. The color and brightness of the light in the news release hall are very important in the news studio. Generally speaking, news studios should choose softer lighting to avoid dazzling or overly harsh effects; And the brightness should be moderate, not too dark, nor too bright, to avoid affecting the vision of the broadcaster and audience. In addition, KEMA Coma Film and Television's warm reminder of lighting is that when selecting lighting fixtures, it is recommended to choose lighting fixtures with higher color temperature and larger aperture to achieve a soft lighting effect.

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