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What kind of lighting equipment is equipped in the news broadcasting studio?
Author: Origin: Navigate: Release Date:2023-10-21

The program format of the news studio mainly includes news broadcasting, special topics, and news interviews, with lighting around the host and guests.

Selection of lighting fixtures:

The types of lighting fixtures in the studio currently include LED spotlights, LED flat soft light, LED imaging lights, etc., which are divided into two types based on color temperature: low color temperature (3200K) and high color temperature (5600K). The color rendering index is ≥ 90, and the comprehensive illumination is above 700Lx to meet the best shooting requirements of high and standard definition cameras and achieve the desired image effect.

Flat panel soft light is often used for the basic lighting of character modeling or for the uniform distribution of light in some scenes. When distributing light, attention should be paid to the projection range of the lamp and the relative independence between the main light areas. Spotlights and imaging lights are suitable for use as the main light, side light, or backlight for character styling. By fully utilizing the characteristics of spotlights or imaging lights, precise adjustments can be made to the target character's light area to achieve a more realistic and three-dimensional lighting effect.

In addition to lighting fixtures, the studio also uses some lighting control accessories to achieve more precise dimming, such as blinds, honeycomb panels, soft paper, and so on. The news studio uses different lighting fixtures and accessories to decorate and contrast the environment according to the needs of the program content, making the overall lighting of the studio harmonious and unified, reflecting a sense of three-dimensional and spatial.

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