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Video conference room lighting: Renovation of lighting in the conference room of Zhongchan Cloud Commerce
Author: Origin: Navigate: Release Date:2023-10-21

1. Project background introduction:

Wuchan Zhongda Yunshang Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is an important first-level member company of the daily necessities sector of Wuchan Zhongda Group Co., Ltd. (600704.SH), a state-owned enterprise in the world's top 500. In April 2018, it was established by Wuchan Electric, a subsidiary of the group. Shanghe Zhongda International, two first-level member companies, was jointly reorganized and established with a registered capital of 300 million yuan. It has 10 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries and more than 400 employees. It is the second batch of state-owned enterprise mixed reform employee stock ownership pilot units in Zhejiang Province. . 

Property Zhongda

2. Design video conference room:

In order to do a good job in the lighting design of the video conference room, the relevant designers must go to the site in person, carefully survey and record the following relevant information:

★Measure the size and height of the conference room, consider the ceiling condition, and record various parameter values;

★Accurately measure and record the length and width from the rostrum to the wall in the conference room to facilitate the reasonable arrangement of surface and top lights.

★ Fully understand the purpose of the conference room and the lighting design requirements, and even the special circumstances of some important leaders, which will have an impact on the smooth progress of lighting design and construction in the future. 

3. Solution:

(1) Selection of natural light and artificial light sources. Natural light is difficult to control and has a great negative impact on the picture. Therefore, video conference rooms should avoid natural light and choose to use artificial cold light sources. The continuous output characteristics and color rendering properties of trichromatic lights or LED lights are relatively advantageous. These two light sources can be used in video conference rooms.

(2) The illumination illuminating the faces of participants should be no less than 500lux, and it is recommended to be between 500lux and 800lux to ensure clear video images and full colors.

(3) The color temperature of the light should be neutral light (national standard color temperature value 4000K), and mixed light lighting should not be used to ensure the comfort of the conference room and the accuracy of the color of the video image.

(4) In order to make the video conference room have a good effect on image viewing. The illumination near the projection screen should be controlled below 50-80lux. If the display device is a TV, the illumination should be controlled below 80-150lux.

(5) In order to ensure uniform illumination in the conference room, surface light source lamps with a large lighting area should be used in the conference room to fully diffuse the light and provide uniform illumination on the faces of participants. If conditions permit, reflective lighting design can be added. The conference room has a low ceiling (≤3.5m) and avoid using point light sources.

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