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Lighting Renovation of the Multifunctional Lecture Hall at Sichuan Media University
Author: Origin: Navigate: Release Date:2023-10-21

The lighting design of this project was designed by a designer with 8 years of experience in lighting design. He is good at the construction and renovation of integrated media panoramic studios, multi-functional halls, lecture halls, and government video conference rooms, as well as budget evaluation.

Sichuan University of Communication

It mainly does surface lighting and side lighting, and does not involve stage performance lighting. Our renovation this time is to solve the problems of the high floor height of the lecture hall and insufficient lighting, which leads to unclear video shooting and color cast of characters.


Before transformation: Photos and videos were not clear, colors were unrealistic, color cast, images had black edges, mosaics, wavy lines, glare, dizziness and other phenomena.

Service method: visit the site + design plan + lighting products + installation and debugging, and the results are guaranteed to be satisfactory. We bring professional measuring instruments to your home for testing, to help users find the cause of lighting problems, and provide three solutions to choose from. We optimize the most suitable solution based on site conditions without using decoration, removing the roof, or changing the shape. Wuhan Kema specializes in providing lighting solutions for engineering companies and integrators.


According to the needs of users, we design and arrange conference lighting, using special high-definition video flat panel lights and spotlights for lecture halls to meet the needs of video conferencing and report speeches. The lighting characteristics are high-definition and meet the needs of 4K camera shooting. With the large screen, camera, and decoration style, it can meet the functions of uploading and downloading live audio and video information.

Lighting project implementation and installation:

The person responsible for the lighting design is Wuhan Kema Zeng Peijian, who has 8 years of experience in lighting design. The acceptance of the entire project was very smooth, and the customer was very satisfied with the results.

Analysis of the lighting diagram: The lighting layout of the multi-functional lecture hall and studio of Sichuan University of Communication is based on the teacher's requirements and the actual situation on site. KM-H20 is used as the transition between the main light and the surface light of the characters in the auditorium area to supplement the light for the leaders in the first row.

Lecture hall lighting solutions:

1. High power, high illumination, non-dazzling, using natural air cooling system, less heat generation, long service life of 50,000 hours, energy saving and environmental protection, constant and uniform color temperature, lamp flicker ≤1%;

2. The color temperature is accurate, and the color temperature is adjustable from 3200-5600K (±150K). The color temperature can be adjusted according to the needs of the leader and changes in on-site environmental factors. The color rendering index is ultra-high Ra≥95, making the captured images more realistic, natural and three-dimensional;

3. Spotlight, the brightness can be adjusted from 10% to 100%. The focus spot size is adjustable. The brightness can be adjusted at any time according to the actual needs of the scene. It illuminates the facial contour, supplements the face light, improves the dullness of the face, and avoids the face light. If it is not enough, if the top light is too strong, reflections will appear on the heads of the subjects being photographed;

4. Meet the lighting needs of professional video conferencing: the average vertical illumination in the main area is between 800-1000lux; the lamps in the screen area can be controlled individually to ensure that the captured images are clearer;

 5. It is easy to install and saves time and effort; the stage lighting and lecture hall lamps are beautiful in shape and can be integrated with the original ceiling, making them beautiful and elegant.

The multifunctional lecture hall of Sichuan University of Communication chose Wuhan Coma's products for its high-quality light effects, strong scene practicability, and high cost performance. On the other hand, it has a wide range of functions and rich application scenarios. This series of film and television lighting will be used in future news Interview applications will become more and more widespread.

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