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85 square meter studio lighting: Renovation of studio lighting at the headquarters of Industrial and Commercial Bank of Beijing
Author: Origin: Navigate: Release Date:2023-10-21

1. Project Introduction:

Name: Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Head Office Studio Lighting Renovation
Area: 85 square meters
Dimensions: 9.5 meters x 8.9 meters 3.7 meters
Installation method: Track installation

2. Details:

The site is a renovation project. Party A requires pure lighting on site. There are a total of 3 scenic spots on site, virtual, real, and roller.

On-site removal + replacement of lamps and wiring. There is no need to replace the on-site track. There is a live broadcast room next to the studio, with 2 KM-H14 as background light, 2 KM-LB606 as top light, and 2 KM-H14A as surface light. KM-TW24 is used for control. Wuhan Kema has professional designers, as well as construction and lighting debugging teams, providing comprehensive lighting solutions for the radio and television industry, governments, schools, enterprises and institutions, etc. to help users adapt to the needs of TV news production in the all-media era and optimize TV The overall effect of the news anchor's visual image on the screen improves the quality of news programs.

3. Solution:

How to choose studio lighting? Campus studio lighting requires consistent color temperature and good color reproduction. Professional studio lamps need to be selected to ensure that the studio lighting achieves the desired effect. At present, the most commonly used and effective studio lamps on the market are the LED film and television flat panel lights KM-S20 and LED film and television spotlights KM-M10 produced by Wuhan Kema. Wuhan Kema LED studio lights have a color rendering index of over 95, a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, and a full set of studio lighting engineering accessories, making them very suitable for campus studio lighting.

Regarding the selection of lighting fixtures, a total of 14 table lamps, LED film and television flat lights and LED film and television spotlights were used in this project. 10 model KM-S20 film and television tablets, power 200W, color temperature 5600K. Model KM-M10 film and television spotlights 4 sets, power 100W, 4 table lamps are used for contour light and eye light.

4. Appreciation of lighting effects:

1. Meet professional studio lighting standards, with high-definition shooting and high color reproduction.

2. The lighting is uniform, the outline is clear, and the keying has no false edges and is clean.

3. Depth and clear layers, the picture is real and natural

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