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New plan for Xueersi live streaming room: lighting construction for large, medium, and small live streaming rooms
Author: Origin: Navigate: Release Date:2023-10-21

Xueersi Online School is an online education brand for primary and secondary schools under TAL Education Group (formerly Xueersi). It provides extracurricular tutoring in all subjects for children aged 6-18, including primary, middle and high school students in more than 300 cities across the country. Xueersi Online School adopts a dual-teacher live teaching model of "live broadcast + tutoring", supplemented by independently developed AI technologies such as expression recognition, speech recognition, and voice evaluation.

1. Project Introduction Project:

Name: Xueersi live broadcast room plan

Nature: New lighting project

2. Project details:

How to light live broadcast rooms with different areas? Lighting layout of live broadcast rooms | Several types of lights that you must know when starting a live broadcast

The lighting layout of the live broadcast room is generally determined based on the size of the live broadcast room. For live broadcasts, good lighting can instantly make the live broadcast room look taller, and even improve the appearance of the anchor! I have seen many newcomers' live broadcast rooms, and because they don't know how to arrange the light in the live broadcast room, they are either dim or overexposed. , causing the anchor to look unsightly and very textureless.

What kind of light does the fill light in the live broadcast room mainly consist of? 

1. Key light. As the main light source in the live broadcast room, it highlights the main subject. 

2. Auxiliary light. The auxiliary light source of the main light is generally used to increase the overall three-dimensional sense of the characters. 

3. Contour light. It can create the atmosphere of the picture, and can also highlight the outline of the host during live broadcast. 

4.Background light. It can be used for background lighting when the background light is insufficient or missing, so that the lighting environment in the live broadcast room always maintains the same illumination and evens the indoor light. 

5. Top light. It is used to brighten the ambient light and overhead light, and create a better integration between the anchor and the background during the live broadcast.

3. Customer evaluation 

The customer said that after the transformation, it met the 4K shooting requirements and the scene atmosphere was very good. Many studios and conference rooms have difficult problems such as dim lighting, glare, and unclear photography. Don't worry, find Kema quickly. Our boss is a specially appointed expert from the Stage, Film and Television Lighting Professional Committee of the China Illuminating Society, and he has enough ability to solve the difficult and complicated problems of dim, dazzling, and unclear photography in studio and conference room lights.

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