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One stop service for the design, installation, and debugging of the lighting project in the live broadcast room of Beijing Haofutai Group
Author: Origin: Navigate: Release Date:2023-10-21

TAL (NYSE: TAL) is a technology company based on content capabilities and technological capabilities, with science and education, science and technology innovation, and science popularization as its strategic directions, helping people's lifelong growth, and continuing to explore and innovate. TAL’s predecessor, Xueersi, was founded in 2003 and officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2010. TAL takes the "three subjects" of science and education, science and technology innovation, and science popularization as its strategy to meet people's lifelong growth needs. Science and education use advanced science and technology to help families learn and grow, and help the industry's "digital intelligence" transformation. For example, Xueersi Literacy, Xueersi Online School, etc. have launched a wealth of quality education products in science, humanities, technology and intelligent manufacturing, etc. ; Kechuang, through scientific and technological innovation, develops intelligent learning hardware and software, such as Xueersi intelligent content, Xueersi intelligent hardware, Meishuo, etc. Learning services are encapsulated to form diversified products; science popularization, such as knowledge dissemination on platforms such as Douyin, helps users discover, recognize, select and purchase goods more intelligently, creating value for more users and families.

These are two questions about the new live broadcast room lighting project: 

One is the fear of blackface. 

Second, the top has been lifted and the top screw rod needs to be removed. The effect achieved after completing the project is uniform lighting, clear outline, and illumination reaching the standard. The height of the room is about 3.5 meters. The distance from the ground to the actual top is 4.6 meters, and the height to the ground after the ceiling is hoisted is 3.5 meters. The main scenic area surface lights use four KM-S6 models. When installing, do not install them too far away or too low to avoid insufficient illumination.

Project name: Beijing-TAL Group live broadcast room lighting project, construction time: May 27, 2022, products used: 16 KM-S6 units in total, 5 KM-M7 units in total, live broadcast room: 7 meters long × 6.68 meters wide ×Height 4.6 meters. Installation method: boom installation. 

Application scenarios: studios, integrated media centers, corporate TV stations, campus TV stations, conference rooms, lecture halls, multi-functional halls, studios, live broadcast rooms.

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