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Baotou Jiuyuan District Government Report Hall: What lighting effect is good for the 700 square meter conference report hall?
Author: Origin: Navigate: Release Date:2023-10-21

Mr. Zhang, who does system integration, found Wuhan Coma through referrals from old customers. Mr. Zhang hopes that we will cooperate with him to provide users with a professional lecture hall lighting solution and provide users with professional explanations of the solution. 

The original lighting system used in this lecture hall has been used for many years. The lighting effect is not good, the light is dark, and the shooting is not clear. The faces of the leaders in the picture are unclear and dark, etc. The lighting of the rostrum and auditorium needs to be updated. Transformed to meet the current professional lighting needs of video conference rooms. 

Take a look at the lighting effects before and after the renovation:

The room area of the Lecture Hall of Jiuyuan District Government in Baotou City is about 700 square meters. The room is 31.2 meters long, 23.6 meters wide, and 7.3 meters high. Designer Zhu Sixiang gave a professional solution based on the site conditions and user needs, without destroying the original ceiling structure. The end user adopted Kema's suggestions, and the project was successfully constructed and delivered for use.

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